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Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer

DUI Attorney Serving Gwinnett County

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you should take the time to speak with an experienced DUI lawyer who knows how to defend you and uphold your rights. No matter how serious the charges are, you need to take a proactive approach to your defense and contact an attorney immediately.

DUI Attorney Richard Lawson knows the court system in Gwinnett County because he has seen "both sides" of a DUI case. He started his legal career as an Assistant Solicitor General more than 25 years ago. He prosecuted DUI cases for Gwinnett County. He has since dedicated his practice to representing those charged with driving under the influence. He is uniquely qualified to evaluate your case and find legal and factual problems with the State's evidence.

Why Do I Need a Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer?

Even with a first DUI arrest, it is extremely important to get the best legal counsel. You face the possibility of time in jail, monetary fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. In addition, you would have to perform community service, attend an alcohol and drug treatment program, and attend a DUI School.

Aside from the possibility of jail time, there is the likelihood that you will be on probation for an extended period of time (as much as 36 months). While on probation, if you violate the terms and conditions of your probation through a new violation of the criminal laws, you could have your probation revoked. If you violate probation by failing to comply with court-ordered treatment or some other special condition of probation such as payment of your fine, failure to attend DUI School, failure to report to probation as directed, or failure to complete community service, you will have at least part of your probation revoked. In such cases, you may face 30-60 days in jail.

As a result, dealing with a DUI charge is a serious matter. The potential consequences and interruption of your life can be substantial. Many of these penalties can be avoided if you hire Gwinnett County DUI Defense Attorney Richard Lawson. As soon as possible after your arrest, contact a Gwinnett County DUI attorney. Your best defense begins here. Hire the attorney who is not afraid to do what it takes to win your case.

DUI Attorney Serving Lawrenceville

The strong legal team at the firm is focused entirely on DUI Defense. Mr. Lawson is a NHTSA Field Sobriety Test Instructor Course Graduate and has completed almost 100 DUI Jury Trials and thousands of Motions. Regardless of the severity or type of your DUI case, the firm may be able to provide resourceful and focused representation for your case.

Throughout the DUI process it will be vital to have skilled representation on your side. The prosecutors for your DUI case will have extensive experience in proving the guilt of charged drivers, which means you will need someone equally or far more experienced to handle your case and build an effective defense on your behalf. From the moment you are arrested your attorney will need to begin investigating your charges and the evidence that may be used against you.

When you have been arrested or charged for intoxicated driving, initially you may lose your license, especially if you refuse or are accused of refusing a BAC test at the time of your arrest. A license suspension can be prevented if you schedule an ALS hearing within thirty days, and fight to prevent the license suspension or to have a permit that will allow you to drive to work and other necessary locations. From there, the evidence against you will have to be thoroughly investigated, including the results of blood & breath tests, and testimony such as from the arresting officer regarding field sobriety tests. Whether you were pulled over due to what the officer believed was suspicious driving or stopped at a roadside checkpoint, it may be possible to prove that the initial stop or arrest was unwarranted or a violation of your rights. This, among other aspects of your case could be used by your attorney to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

If you are arrested for other DUI crimes such as drugs & DUI, prescription drugs & DUI, marijuana DUI charges, probation violations or are an out of state driver charged with DUI, your attorney will need to be able to not only fight your DUI charges, but any additional related charges that can make the penalties upon a conviction much worse. If you have prior DUI convictions, it is imperative that you have the assistance of a Gwinnett County DUI attorney when you go to court. Because multiple DUI charges carry such serious penalties, you need to examine all of the aspects of your case in order to formulate an effective DUI defense.

Being a minor in possession of alcohol or receiving an under 21 DUI can have a lasting effect on your life. Registering at .02% blood alcohol concentration and being under 21 years of age is enough to be arrested for underage DUI and to lose your driver's license for six months. Subsequent offenses increase the driver's license suspension to one year and are not to be taken lightly. Even more severe and potentially felony charges can result from vehicular homicide cases. If you have been involved in a fatal accident and have been arrested with vehicular homicide, it is important that you don't make any statements without a lawyer present. A DUI lawyer can give you the legal representation you need to avoid conviction. For other serious charges like child endangerment, you will be classified as a "habitual offender" even if you have no prior criminal record. No matter the charges surrounding your DUI or DUI accident, it will be very important to collaborate on building the best possible defense with your attorney in order to prevent a conviction.

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Your first call should be to the attorney who can assess the situation and begin to formulate your defense. Before you speak to anyone in law enforcement or answer questions, make the call that can set your case on the best possible track. Any delay can compromise the outcome. Your greatest defense begins with the best DUI lawyer who will be determined to win your case.

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  • “I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, or a better lawyer!”

  • “Richard Lawson is a MIRACLE WORKER!!!”

  • “Still in awe of how amazing the outcome of my difficult case was!”

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