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A plea bargain is offered in some cases by the prosecutor to the person charged with DUI. If you are offered a plea bargain, you must decide whether to accept the option of a reduced charge and a conviction. You can discuss the important implications of such a decision with a Gwinnett County DUI attorney. You may decide to go to trial instead if there is a good chance that you will be found not guilty.

When you accept a plea bargain, generally you will admit guilt to a lesser crime with less harsh punishments in the event that you do not believe you can win in a trial to defend yourself. This option is best used whenever a prosecutor offers a plea bargain and you along with your attorney do not think that going to trial and utilizing your defense will be worth the risk of a conviction of the more serious charge.

If you choose to not accept a plea bargain, you will go to trial and must defend yourself against the original charge. You will have to challenge DUI evidence such as breath and blood tests, field sobriety tests and utilize other defense tactics If you win your case, your charges may be reduced or even dismissed entirely, depending upon the decision of the judge or jury. If you lose, you will likely face the full penalties of a conviction for your crime.

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In a serious case where an accident, injury, or fatality has occurred, you should discuss the option of accepting a plea bargain, to determine what makes the most sense. If one is convicted of a DUI involving a serious injury, the penalties can be very severe. A skilled DUI attorney can help you design your DUI defense so as to avoid as much as possible the fines, jail time, and civil suits that may be brought by the family of the injured party or parties.

The entire legal team at the Richard S. Lawson firm has over 20 years' experience in dealing with DUI cases and plea bargains, and can take timely action based on the choice made to accept a plea bargain or to go to trial. The attorneys will review all possible alternatives and their consequences to help ensure your rights and future are protected.

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