Field Sobriety Tests and the Gwinnett County Commissioner Case

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jul 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

The case of the Gwinnett County Commission Chairman proves that field sobriety testing is completely unreliable.  Field Sobriety testing is the basis of tens of thousands of DUI arrests in Georgia every year.  They are designed to be failed.  That case proves that a person can be 100% sober and still "fail" field sobriety tests.  Even worse, thousands of people are charged with DUI Refusal every year.  Many of these alleged refusals happen when people question their arrest with the police officer.  Some officers take any questions as a challenge to their authority.  As a result, they charge the person with refusal to submit to testing.  These people are then tried and potentially convicted on field sobriety testing alone. These are the same tests that are proven 100% inaccurate and unreliable by the Gwinnett County Commission chairman's case.

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