Lilburn Underage Driver Charged with DUI and Vehicular Homicide

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Recently, a Lilburn teenager, William Shaw Hemby (age 18) was charged with driving under the influence ( DUI ), reckless driving, vehicular homicide and serious accident by vehicle charges. The wreck occured in a subdivision in Johns Creek. The vehicle operated by Mr. Hemby struck another vehicle and an 81 year old grandfather died from injuries sustained in the wreck. Mr. Hemby is facing felony charges and is currently out on bond. A blood test was reportedely taken from Mr. Hemby. Mr. Hemby's defense lawyer stated that the results of the blood test on the scene were negative for drugs and alcohol.

In Georgia, the legal blood alcohol limit for a per se DUI offense is .08. This means that if you take a chemical test, and it comes back at a .08 or higher, Georgia law presumes that you were a drunk driver. However, you can still be charged with DUI if the results are less than a .08, if you refused a chemical test, if the blood/breath test was deficient in some way, of if you are allegedely under the influence of drugs instead of alchol. Under Gwinnett County DUI law, prosecuting attorneys can charge you with DUI for being a driver less safe to drive a vehicle because of intoxication. This charge defers highly to the observations of the arresting police officer.

Gwinnett County judges and prosecuting lawyer are tough on DUI offenses. Serious DUI related charges like vehicular homicide and serious accident or injury by vehicle charges are felonies and offenders face long sentences including prison time. A DUI and accident or injury charge can be life changing. Do not settle for less than the best representation. An experienced DUI lawyer can help. Call Gwinnett DUI attorney Richard Lawson for a free case analysis. Attorney Lawson is a lawyer devoting his practice to DUI defense. He knows Gwinnett County DUI laws inside and out and can help you get the best possible results on your Gwinnett County DUI case. Call today for a consultation.

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