DUI breath tests......just how accurate are they???

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Gwinnett county law enforcement officers, especially those on the DUI task forces for the county as well as Gwinnett cities like Duluth and Snellville, make thousands of DUI arrests each year. While there are manyDUI - drugs (for both driving under the influence of marijuana and for driving under the influence of drugs like Ambien or Xanax), the majority of DUI cases involved alcohol. Nearly all Gwinnett,Snellville, and Duluth DUI officers will ask a driver suspected of a DUI - alcohol case to submit to what they call the state administered breath test. This DUI breath testing is done on a machine commonly referred to as a breathalyzer, but is actually called the Intoxilyzer 5000. The suspected Gwinnett DUI driver gives two breath samples and gets a printout from the machine. The lower of the two samples can be used against them in court. But how accurate is this test so blindly relied upon by Gwinnett prosecutors? It is really impossible to say. Stangely enough, little is known about the workings of this machine because the State of Georgia is very secretive in revealing the programming or source code that the machines utilizes to work. In addition, these machines are old.....very old..... and use technology from over 20 years ago! In some states, the results of these tests have been thrown out . Courts have found that the results are just too inaccurate to use against someone in a DUI case where so much is at stake. Using these results as per se evidence that someone is DUI is not fair. Gwinnett DUI attorney Richard Lawson has won cases (and gotten many cases reduced to reckless driving) where a driver accused of DUI had a breath test result of over .08. He has even won or reduced cases where people are over twice the legal limit. These tests are not perfect...they are far from being accurate. Call the Lawrenceville, GA DUI law office of attorney Richard Lawson for a consultation on how to get the best results for your Gwinnett DUI case.

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