Tips for DUI Defense in Gwinnett County

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When an officer pulls you over for driving under the influence, commonly referred to as DUI, it is critical that you understand that the state of Georgia has very harsh penalties for drunk driving.  Your first line of defense against a DUI is to not drive drunk, call or cab or have a designated driver for your night out.  If you do drive drunk and are arrested your punishment may be severe and you will need a good DUI defense to help limit negative repercussions.

If this is only your first DUI you will face potential jail time, fines, and license suspension.  If you have DUI convictions on your record already your punishment may be much worse.  If in addition to a DUI if you injured someone during the incident you may even be charged with a felony.

Tips to develop a strong DUI Defense:

Initially, when you are pulled over you should provide the officer with your name, address, driver's license, and other pertinent paperwork.  Do not argue with the officer or attempt to explain.  Instead, remain silent until you can speak with your lawyer.

Hire an experienced DUI Lawyer in Gwinnett

This is the first and most important step you can take following a DUI arrest in Gwinnett.  It is important that you don't just hire the first name you see in the phone book instead identify a good DUI attorney in your area that understands the finer points of DUI law.  A good lawyer can help review the details of your arrest and help you decide on how you should proceed. 

Understand the Consequences

Asking questions during this process, especially to your lawyer is strongly recommended.  Understanding what punishments you may face if convicted is critical during the decision making process while your defense is being crafted.  Know your rights and protect yourself.

Protect Your Rights

If you feel that your rights were violated at any point during the arrest you should speak up and tell your legal representative what has occurred.  If this truly is a rights violation he or she may be able to use this to strengthen your defense and in some cased have your charges lessened or your case thrown out.

Create a Defense Strategy

Crafting a strong DUI defense is an integral part of improving the outcome of your case.  If you neglect to recruit competent legal representation you run the risk of losing your case unnecessarily just because you lawyer wasn't familiar with DUI statutes.  Contact us at the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson immediately to begin protecting your future.

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