4th of July Weekend a DUI No Refusal Weekend in Austin, TX?????

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jul 04, 2011 | 0 Comments

It seems Austin, TX lawmakers put DUI convictions ahead of constitutional rights.  As Texas politicians think that 4th of July weekend is a deadly time for motorists, they feel that really cracking down on potential DUI offenders is a way to solve that problem.  Over the long weekend, officers had a No Refusal of the breathalyzer policy for any driver they suspected of DUI.  For offenders who wanted to refuse, search warrants were obtained by law enforcement to have the drivers blood drawn and tested.  So much for a right against self incrimination!  

Gwinnett County officers do not typically have a No  Refusal policy.  However, for many offenders, it seems that way.  In Norcross, GA, as well as throughout Gwinnett County, if you refuse a breath or blood test when asked to submit to one by a DUI officer, you may do so, but you will face a one year suspension of your drivers license.  This is a hard suspension when you are not able to get a temporary or limited driving permit.  Often to save one's drivers license, the accused driver will enter a contract where they will plead guilty to the underlying DUI offense in order to stay on the road.  Norcross Georgia DUI license suspension law is tricky.  Contact an experienced Gwinnett County DUI attorney to get your questions answered and get the best possible outcome for your case. 

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard Lawson proudly serve those accused of DUI offense in Norcross, GA and the greater Atlanta area.

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