DUI Punishments are Harsh - even more so than similar offenses.....

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The city of Snellville in Gwinnett County Georgia is not the only place where DUI arrests are frequently made.  Throughout the county, DUI arrests have risen dramatically in recent decades.  And while a first DUI offense is misdemeanor in Snellville / Gwinnett, it carries some tough penalties.  That is one of the strange things about DUI - it is treated incredibly harsh compared to other criminal offenses.  In Gwinnett County state court, the prosecuting attorneys have a lot of power to look at cases and negotiate plea bargains.  On any given arraignment date or calendar call in Gwinnett State County, the solicitors will freely dismiss family violence act battery offenses.  Pre-trial diversion programs and nolo pleas are taken for theft and possession of marijuana offenses in many instances.  However, DUI is rarely, if ever, dismissed or offered pre-trial diversion.  Even in cases where the Defendant driver appears to be innocent, it is still a struggle to get a Gwinnett prosecuting attorney to reduce the charge or sentence.  In addition, there is the separate prosecution of the driver by the Department of Driver Services in which they try to suspend the drivers license for a full year.   It seems that DUI offense carries with it more serious implications then do even felony charges for possession of hard drugs like cocaine, meth, or heroin. 

That is why it is important to have a skilled DUI lawyer on your side.  DUI prosecutions are overly complicated and the solicitors are interested in convictions, not keeping you on the road.   Snellville DUI attorney Richard Lawson has years of experience getting his clients the best possible outcomesCall his Gwinnett law office today for a free case analysis. 

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Richard S. Lawson is passionate about intoxicated driving defense. Unlike some attorneys, Mr. Lawson devotes 100% of his legal practice to helping people stand up for their rights against DUI charges. For more than 20 years, Mr. Lawson has dutifully fought for his clients' freedom, resolving more 4,900 impaired driving cases during the course of his career. Today, Mr. Lawson has developed a reputation as a skilled negotiator and continues to help clients by fighting to keep them out of jail.


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