Duluth, GA Underage Consumption and Underage DUI

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Officers for the City of Duluth Georgia and for  Gwinnett County charge offenders under the age of 21 with the offenses of underage consumption /  minor in the possession of alcohol and  under 21 DUI offenses everyday.  While all of these crimes are misdemeanors, they carry with them some serious implications on one's criminal history, driving record, and pocketbook.  All of these charges carry with them a one year maximum sentence.  Duluth citizens over the age of 21 cannot be charged with being a minor in possession as it is only applicable to those who are not of legal drinking age that have possessed or consumed alcohol.  Those aged 21 and over can be charged in Gwinnett County with furnishing alcohol to minors if they have supplied or purchased alcohol for people under the age of 21.  This is typically a misdemeanor offense.  In addition, while the legal limit to drink and drive is .08 for drivers over the age of 21, for suspected offenders under the age of 21, the limit is .02.  So Gwinnett County prosecuting attorneys have a much easier standard for convicting young drivers of DUI per se.  If someone is under the age of 17, he or she will be charged with Minor in Possession ( MIP ) or DUI in the juvenile court of Gwinnett County.  Juvenile Court has some special precautions that help most offenders.  However, juvenile court has its own jail and prison system ( RYDC / YDC ), so it certainly not a get out of jail free card. 

If you or your son or daughter is facing a Duluth or Gwinnett County MIP or DUI charge, contact an experienced Duluth Minor in Possession defense lawyer today for a free consultation.

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