Jury in Casey Anthony Trial Has Reasonable Doubt

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This afternoon, in what came as a shock to many who were following the trial of Orlando, FL resident Casey Anthony, the jury returned not guilty verdicts to the murder and manslaughter charges.  Ms. Anthony was facing the death penalty if convicted of murdering her young daughter.  Instead, she was only convicted of misdemeanor charges for being dishonest with law enforcement.  Ms. Anthony still faces sentencing on this convictions. 

In America, we are innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof in a criminal trial is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  The standard in Gwinnett County GA cases is that if a jurors made is wavering, or if they are uncertain, then they must acquit.  It is better to have a guilty person go free than to lock up an innocent person for something that he or she did not do.  If you face a DUI or Minor in the Possession of Alcohol ( MIP )charge in Gwinnett County Georgia, you will be innocent until proven guilty.  It is sometimes hard to feel this way as when the charges are pending, your arrest is public record and may cause some embarrassment.  However, you need to be convicted, either by plea bargain or by a Gwinnett prosecuting attorney in a trial, in order to be penalized for the offense. 

If you are facing a DUI or Minor on Possession of Alcohol charge in Gwinnett County or Lawrenceville Municipal Court, call Lawrenceville MIP and DUI lawyer Richard Lawson and his associate attorneys for a free case consultation and discuss strategy moving forward with your case.  A trial may or may not be your best option, but to get the best results in your case, all options should be considered.  Call today.

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