Suwanee GA DUI Prosecutions

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Suwanee police officers charge thousands of drivers with crimes each year.  They are especially aggressive when it comes to DUI cases.  Every night in the Suwanee area of North Gwinnett County, Suwanee and Gwinnett County police officers stop drivers for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol - DUI.  With more and more bars and restaurants in Suwanee, the greater the DUI enforcement by Suwanee cops.  What is particularly troubling is that a growing number of DUI arrests are not because of alcohol intoxication.  If a Suwanee or Gwinnett Co. law enforcement officer stops your car and accuses you of violating a traffic law, they can charge you with DUI even if there is no trace of alcohol on your breath.  The Suwanee officer can request a  blood test instead of a breath test, and the blood test screens for drugs of both the illegal and legal varieties.  So if you have a prescription for Xanax or Prozac, and this shows up in your blood, you may find yourself charged with a Gwinnett County DUI.  A skilled  Gwinnett County DUI lawyer can help.  DUI attorney Richard Lawson has years of experience successfully resolving Suwanee DUI cases with the best possible outcomes.  Call his Gwinnett law office today for a free case analysis.  Make sure to consult with a DUI attorney within 10 days of your Gwinnett Co. DUI arrest to appeal the suspension of your Georgia drivers license. 

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Richard S. Lawson is passionate about intoxicated driving defense. Unlike some attorneys, Mr. Lawson devotes 100% of his legal practice to helping people stand up for their rights against DUI charges. For more than 20 years, Mr. Lawson has dutifully fought for his clients' freedom, resolving more 4,900 impaired driving cases during the course of his career. Today, Mr. Lawson has developed a reputation as a skilled negotiator and continues to help clients by fighting to keep them out of jail.


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