Suwanee, GA Minor in Possession Charges

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Now that school is out and high schoolers are relaxing (or college kids are home to Suwanee for the summer), Suwanee police officers are on the lookout to charge young people with being a  Minor in Possession ( MIP ) charges.  This is also known as underage consumption.  Basically, if you are under 21, it is illegal in Georgia to consume or possess any alcoholic beverage.  A typical scenario in Suwanee is a house party with a keg.  A neighbor will call the police for a noise violation and officers will come out to the house and charge any underage person they can find with MIP.  If the potential arrestee runs or hides, they may also be charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer.  While a Minor in Possession / Underage Consumption charge is a misdemeanor, it has some pretty scary consequences.  First, it is still a conviction that goes on your criminal history forever.  If any school or job runs a background check, you will have to explain the conviction (if you end up getting convicted).  This is tough for young people who are just getting started out.  Second, there are substantial fines, community services, classes, counseling, probation and even possible jail time that you may face in the criminal court in either Suwanee or in the Gwinnett County state or recorders Court. 

If you or your son or daughter is facing a MIP charge in Suwanee / Gwinnett County GA, call and experienced Suwanee Minor in Possession lawyer today for a free case analysis.

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