Gwinnett County DUI and DUI Related Offenses

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Gwinnett County Judges are tough on DUI.  More than any other misdemeanor, it seems that Gwinnett County prosecuting lawyers and judges sentence DUI offenders harshly.  Jail time and extensive counseling, probation, and fines are typical for a even a first time DUI when the offender has no record.  That is why it is important to talk to a Gwinnett County DUI attorney as soon as possible following your arrest to preserve your defenses, save your Georgia drivers license, and prepare a strategy to win your case. 

If you are pulled over by a Gwinnett County police officer for DUI, they will probably ask you to take field sobriety tests.  If they deem you failed, and observe other aspects of your behavior that they believe are constant with driving under the influence, they will place your under arrest for DUI.  After being placed under arrest, they will read you an implied consent warning, which basically informs you that you have to submit to a blood or breath test, or they will seek an  administrative suspension of your drivers license for one year for a first offense (will be longer for subsequent offenses).  Contact our law office immediately following getting out on bond as you only have 10 days to appeal the suspension of your drivers license and request an  administrative law hearing to save your license.  A refusal, or if the Gwinnett officer alleges you have refused when you would have consented if you understood their request, can lead to a one year hard suspension with no temporary permits available, so it is even of greater importance to contact our Gwinnett Co. DUI office right away.  There are also special requirements if you are an  out of state driver and hold a non-Georgia drivers license. 

Even first time DUI offenses have harsh penalties, but if it is subsequent DUI, the sentences are amplified.  Likewise, if you had minor children in the car, you face a DUI - child endangerment, which counts as an additional DUI charge for each child in the car.  If there was a motor vehicle accident or injuries, again, you will likely face more serious consequences.  If you have been involved in many DUI or traffic offenses, you could face treatment as an habitual violater, which is a felony.  Our Gwinnett DUI law firm has lawyers experienced in these matters as well as in the cases of vehicular homicide or manslaughter. 

In addition, our Gwinnett DUI attorneys have seen more and more cases of drivers being charged with DUI for being under the influence of drugs - whether illegal like marijuana, or legal, such as being under the influence of prescription medication.  Our Gwinnett DUI lawyers have gotten our clients great results in such cases including dismissals of the charges.  With the rise in DUI arrests in Gwinnett in recent years, as well as the rise in people taking prescription drugs - things from Ambien to Zoloft - it seems that Gwinnett officers will charge you with a DUI if they feel that you are at all affected by the medication. 

Sometimes people feel that their DUI case is hopeless.  Keep in mind that an arrest is not a conviction and everyone has the right to go to trial and contest their charge.  At the very least, a plea bargain can be negotiated to try to keep you out of jail and on the road.  A good Gwinnett DUI lawyer will also help you attempt to get your charges reduced and keep fines, fees, and probation requirements to a minimum.  This is helpful as it can avoid a probation violation later on in the likely event the driver is placed on some type of probation. 

When you are charged with DUI in Gwinnett County, you are actually facing two prosecutions - one is a criminal / traffic court prosecution that will be held in a Gwinnett municipal court or the recorders or state court of Gwinnett County.  The other prosecution is an administrative license suspension procedure through the Department of Drivers Services ( DDS ).  This is overly complicated and harsh, but Georgia lawmakers are tough on DUI and quick to suspend your license

There are many ways that a Gwinnett DUI charge can be contested.  There may not have been an articulable suspicion for the Gwinnett PD to stop your car to begin with.  They may have improperly administered the field sobriety tests and not had probable cause to arrest.  They may also have not properly advised you of the implied consent notice or had a breathalyzer in proper working order.  The results of a breath test are suppressed from use at trial all the time by experienced Gwinnett DUI lawyers.  Often there is video tape evidence from the police cruiser that is helpful to you in trial if it shows lack of intoxication. 

Call the law offices of Richard Lawson today for a free case analysis with one of our Gwinnett County DUI lawyers.  Our attorneys have years of experience getting our clients the best possible outcomes.  Our Gwinnett office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to better serve our clients, so call us at anytime to discuss your charges.   Call within 10 days of your arrest to best be able to preserve your driving privileges.   

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