Gwinnett County Georgia Violation of Probation

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Are you (or a loved one) on probation in Gwinnett County Georgia?  If yes, then you know the hoops that you must jump through to be in successful compliance with your probation.  Gwinnett County probation officers ( PO's) are often quick to file violations of probation.  There are two main kinds of probation violations - technical violations and new offenses.  A technical violation is when the probation officer violates you for being behind on your payments, failing a screen, or not being up to date with your community service or A/D assessment requirements.  Missing probation appointments is another great way to get the PO to file a violation of your probation.  Committing a new offense - even a misdemeanor or traffic offense - can lead to a total revocation of your probation was well. 

Probation violations are tough because you often have to spend a few weeks in the Gwinnett County jail awaiting the probation revocation hearing after the PO files her violation.  This can lead to people losing their job, failing out of school, or not having a place to keep their children.  Unfortunately, many probation officers are not sympathetic to these situations.  If you or someone you know are facing a problem with his or her probation, call a Gwinnett County probation violation lawyer today for a free consultation.   Our lawyers have experience getting clients the best possible outcomes with their probation violation situations.  Probation violations carry harsh consequences including months to years of jail time and loss of first offender status.   Call us today to discuss your situation. 

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