DUI Arrest for Troubled O'Neal Family

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Last week Griffin O'Neal entered a "not guilty" plea to charges of driving under the influence and possession of drugs in a California court. Griffin, age 46, is the brother of troubled actress Tatum O'Neal. In August 2011, Griffin allegedly veered head on into an opposite lane and struck a vehicle, seriously injuring the driver. On the same day, Griffin's half brother, Redmond O'Neal, was arrested for heroin possession charges. Redmond was not in the car with Griffin. What responding DUI investigators did find in Grffin's car was crack and loaded weapons. Griffin is charges with possession of crack cocaine as well as possession of firearms charges. He was charged with DUI drugs and a blood test was obtained. According to the DUI prosecuting attorney in San Diego, the blood test taken of Griffin that night revealed that he had amphetemines, cocaine, marijuana, and Xanax in his system.

Griffin, Tatum and Redmond are the children of actor Ryan O'Neal. Griffin and Tatum's mother is the actress Joanna Moore and Redmond's mother is the late Charlie's Angels actress Farrah Fawcett who was involved in a long term relationship with Ryan until her death. As documented in Tatum's biography "A Paper Life," the O'Neal's have struggeld with substance abuse issues for years.

Had this incident happened in Gwinnett County Georgia, Griffin would be facing very serious charges. More and more Gwinnett County DUI officers are arresting people for DUI - drugs. If a Gwinnett DUI officer suspects that you have been driving under the influence of a controlled substance, even if there is no alcohol on your breath, he or she will likely order a state administered blood test. You have the right to reject this test, but that will almost automatically result in a suspendion of your drivers license if you don't contact a lawyer promptly. Drugs do not have the same close link with driving that alcohol does. If you are facing Gwinnett DUI charges, contact a skilled Gwinnett County DUI lawyer right away. Attorney Lawson has a Gwinnett County DUI practice located in Lawrenceville and frequently gets his clients great results in Gwinnett County courts on their DUI cases. Call him today for a free consultation.

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