Former Child Actress Arrested for DUI

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Former Nickelodean actress Amanda Bynes, now 26, who has appeared recently in movies such as "Easy A" and "She's the Man," fled from a police officer several weeks ago when she was about to get a citation for talking on her cell phone. Now she has been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles. In the early morning hours, her vehicle sideswiped the vehicle of a police officer. After stopping her and speaking with her, the Officer determined that Ms. Bynes was a less safe driver due to the consumption of alcohol and she was arrested for driving under the influence.

Ms. Bynes' father made a comment to People magazine that Amanda does not drink and that she was just nervous and upset. He believes that the officer mistook her nerves for intoxication. Time will tell what the local prosecuting attorneys think of the facts.

Unfortunately for Gwinnett County drivers, Gwinnett officers tend to make assumptions about drivers as well. Nervous and tired drivers often perform poorly on field sobriety evaluations and are accused of being DUI. All Gwinnett County DUI cases can be fought and you are entitled to a trial by jury. Many times, regular people who sit on the jury are more sensitive to how you feel when you get pulled over by law enforcement late at night than do Gwinnett Co. prosecuting attorneys and judges.

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