State Rep Arrested for DUI

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Kip Smith, a Republican State Rep from, Columbus, GA, was arrested over the weekend for DUI in Buckhead. Smith, age 29, was pulled over for running a red light by a DUI officer. The officer noticed signs of drinking in his report and Smith initially denied drinking. However, Representative Smith, later admitted to having consumed beer prior to driving. The DUI officer asked Smith to participate in field sobriety tests and Smith complied. According to reports, Smith tested positive for alcohol on the hand held preliminary breath test. He also participated in the eye test ( the horizontal gaze nystagmus), the walk and turn test, and the one leg stand. Following these tests, Smith was arrested for DUI. At the jail, he took the state administered breath test and was found to be over the legal limit to drive in Georiga.

This just goes to show that all types of people are arrested for DU in Georgia and no one is is immune. Rep. Smith informed the DUI officer that he was a state rep, but that does not mean much to an officer who is trained to not take those types of thing into consideration. Students, pilots, truck drivers, doctors, nurses, and lawyers all face DUI charges in Gwinnett County and throughout the state of Georgia. Gwinnett County prosecuting attorneys and judges are tough on DUI offenders and don't just let someone off the hook for being politically connected.

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