Duluth Driver Suspected of DUI After Killing 2

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On Wednesday night around 10 p.m., Cindy Catalan-Ordonex, a Duluth resident,  caused a tragic accident when she crossed over the center lane of Steve Reynolds Boulevard at Winward Lane and hit a family's car. Eight-year-old Vincent Kim and fourteen-year-old Kristine Kim were killed. The crash caused the family's car to hit another vehicle behind them with a one-year-old passenger.

Catalan-Ordonex has been charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, driving on the wrong side of the road, and reckless driving. Catalan-Ordonex had her license suspended in October of 2018 because of her history of DUIs. In 2013, Catalan-Ordonex was charged with DUI in Gwinnett County after crossing the center lane and narrowly missing another vehicle. In 2015, she again received a DUI. In 2017, Catalan-Ordonex was charged with battery and cocaine possession.

Though Catalan-Ordonex is suspected of driving under the influence, the police do not have enough evidence at this time. They will, however, arrest her after she is released from the hospital to investigate.

Multiple DUIs in Gwinnett County 

   As a Gwinnett County DUI Attorney, I know the severity of multiple DUIs. In today's blog, I will be discussing what someone can expect for their second and third DUI charge.


A second DUI charge in Gwinnett County will carry more severe penalties but is traditionally still considered a misdemeanor offense. Under Georgia law, a second DUI requires a minimum penalty of three days in jail. However, prosecutors and judges may impose significantly more jail time once convicted. Common punishments imposed upon conviction of a second DUI can include:

  • Probation term of 12-36 months (this may depend on whether you receive associated offenses)
  • Fines between $600 - $1000.
  • 3-12 months in prison (on top of the three days required to be served)
  • 240 hours of community service
  • License suspension for a minimum of 1 year
  • Mandatory alcohol and drug counseling
  • Mandatory treatment
  • DUI Court programs & more


A third DUI conviction in Gwinnett County can potentially be a life-changing event. The consequences are more severe than a first or second DUI offense. A third DUI charge carries a minimum of 15 days in jail, but typically will be much longer. Additionally, after a third DUI, you will be declared a Habitual Violation, which means that your license will be suspended for five years. Though you may qualify for a limited permit after only two years, an interlock device will have to be installed in your car. Further, if a Habitual Violator is found driving while their license is suspended, they will be charged with driving while being declared a habitual violator, which is a felony offense. Typical Punishments offenders will receive after their 3rd DUI include:

  • 12-36 months of probation
  • 3-12 months in prison (on top of the 15 days you are required to serve)
  • Fines between $1,000-$5,000
  • Being declared a Habitual Violator
  • Status of high and aggravated misdemeanor with fines of up to $5,000 and no good time credit (meaning you must serve every day of your sentence) for any conviction carrying the penalty of jail-time.
  • 5 Year license suspension & more


   As a Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer, I know that the reality of multiple DUI convictions is extremely serious. If you have been charged with one or more DUIs in Gwinnett County, it is imperative that you call our office today. Your case is not at all hopeless, but we must act quickly in order to give you the best possible outcome.

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