Dynasty Star Linda Evans Breaks Silence On DUI Arrest

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Last month, footage surfaced of former Dynasty star Linda Evans' arrest for driving under the influence, near her Washington state home. The footage was unearthed somewhat belatedly, as the arrest took place in May of 2014. Police dash cam footage was released exclusively by online publication Radar Online. The former soap opera star was pulled over by an off-duty officer when he observed her driving erratically, at one point drifting into oncoming traffic. The officer conducted field sobriety tests after stopping Evans' vehicle, noting in the incident report that she displayed “sluggish behavior, lack of coordination, inability to stand without falling over” and “slow and lethargic" movements. During the arrest, Evans complained of back pain caused by a dislocated disc, for which she was taking "unknown" medication. The pain prompted her arresting officer to cuff her in front as opposed to in the back. A search of the vehicle yielded a small bag of 29 unknown pink pills, later deemed legal prescription drugs.

Evans, who was 71 at the time of the arrest, was cited for a DUI. However, her blood tests showed no alcohol in her system, only the remnants of a sleeping pill she had taken the night before. Her charges were later reduced to reckless driving and she was placed on a two-year probation. Evans famously played Krystale Carrington on the smash hit TV show Dynasty in the 1980s.

After a handful of news outlets covered the story, Evans, now 74, came forward and gave an interview discussing the incident. "That day was pivotal for me because, in hindsight, I wished I had made a better judgment,” she admits. “I drove to water therapy, but should have stayed home because I felt so weak from back pain.” As to her physical and mental state during the arrest, Evans said “It's true I was driving while being in physical pain, but I was not impaired by any narcotic. I did not take any opiate or alcohol. I would not have willfully put anyone in jeopardy.” She described the news coverage of the incident as "brutal," but ultimately interpreted the ordeal as a growing experience.

Evans arrest for DUI and the subsequent reduction to reckless driving is a perfect example of the principle, 'an arrest isn't a conviction.' People are regularly arrested for driving under the influence when the charge simply does not fit the exact offense. A number of variables may contribute to unsafe driving, but intoxication by means of drugs or alcohol is not always a factor or the chief cause. A skilled lawyer can review your DUI charges and fight to reduce them when that is a viable legal avenue. The Law Offices of Richard Lawson are exclusively devoted to DUI and other traffic-related defense. Richard Lawson understands the fear and confusion that can accompany a DUI charge; he is devoted to fighting your charge, allowing you to carry on with your life. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, contact Gwinnett County DUI Attorney Richard Lawson as soon as possible for a free consultation.

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